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How to buy Note furniture, buy furniture

A look: furniture materials to be environmentally friendly

Material can be divided into: solid wood furniture, furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, Pibu art furniture, rattan, and now popular green technology dusting furniture. No matter what kind of material the furniture, health, environmental protection, pollution is the primary prerequisite necessary.

When buying furniture, you can view the quality inspection report, make sure you buy furniture is environmental health.

 At two news: Zero irritation

Eco-friendly furniture should be no irritating odor, does not irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. If you find a smell odor of furniture, it should be noted that the heavier the pungent odor, it may be high levels of formaldehyde. However, even if some of the furniture is not the taste, the material is still likely fail. So, before you buy certain requirements related businesses to produce environmental certificates.

 Three touch: to determine the merits of paint

After smelling the odor, but also requires careful observation of paint. Paint on human health is also closely related to the need to consult the manufacturer if the paint raw data standards. It also needs to touch, you need to pay attention to the paint surface is smooth, whether wrinkling, whether there has Diaoqi. Domestic furniture manufacturers with advanced technology, in terms of paint are stringent requirements process is very sophisticated.

 Four police: legs are flat

Regardless of the type of furniture, legs flat is a must, but also buy furniture prerequisite requirements. In the purchase of furniture, you can swing back and forth left and right to try, if the furniture center of gravity, or beeps, then you need to pay attention, so the furniture may not be secure.

If the office or room on the ground is not flat, also you can choose to fine-tune the level of furniture legs.

 Five subject: Water and local fair

Because the moisture content of the wood furniture is affected by its origin, and high moisture content in the region with an average moisture content of more than 1% of the furniture will be cracking, deformation, fall apart, warping and so on, so it is best to buy high drying process the production of furniture, local or foreign production is not important, the key is its moisture content should be consistent with the use of regional average moisture content.

 Six Viewpoints: Edge is flat

Edge injustice, indicating a higher humidity within the timber, it will not be long before edge cracking. Strips of wood edge or crack easily damp, furniture plywood package insert, including at the bar with nails, pay attention to whether the formation of nail holes, nail holes and furniture at the overall color is consistent, usually nail holes with putty seal live, pay attention to whether the putty muster, muster as explained below standard process, putty will fall slowly from the inside out, exposing the nail holes.

 Edge also investigated whether the formation an important factor in a manufacturer of products, poor quality small manufacturers hand edge, if the sheet is poor, poor quality precision saw it, there will be a gap plate edge, to buy time to pay special attention.