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Solid wood furniture is the science of how maintenance

Material for office furniture, it is a very broad question. Because people's choice of material for office furniture has always been a problem, a lot of the material is very good looks, and every kind of material also has his own characteristics and advantages. Like in China among the top ten brands of office furniture, is a lot of material worthy of our choice.

In fact, just the material we need office furniture selection, select the desired style of office furniture fit reality. And when we choose, the most common choice is wood office furniture, because of its use of time will be longer, and wooden furniture will personally feel good, using them is also more texture.

In fact, although the wooden office furniture is very touch, but in fact he is very particular about maintenance. We need to focus on cleaning and maintenance in the process of moving and placing these three areas. The first is clean, we clean wood office furniture when absolutely can not use a hard object to clean, hard brush is similar to a very scientific cleaning items. We clean wood office furniture when needed with a soft cloth dampened with diluted detergent to wipe, so as to better clean wood office furniture.

The place is the need to avoid direct sunlight, as this will cause surface decolorization of office furniture, paint surface is rapidly oxidized off. The move is to re-select the placement of solid wood furniture of the time, people need to gently and avoid when moving office furniture has to break something. Therefore, maintenance of solid wood furniture is simple, but many details still need our attention.