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The biggest problem of how to deal with office furniture pollution

Look look, see if there is a trademark of the manufacturer, manufacturing site, security signs, green flag and how much toxic material content, whether national standards; see kind, whether process roughness, edge processing, whether to do that and feel quality.

Smell the smell, open the door, opened the drawer, if there is strong smell pungent odor, enough to make people cry, indicating formaldehyde content is seriously overweight; or smell a strong aromatic odor, then benzene exceeded. Both cases occurred can not buy.

Touch, whether there is a burning sensation, whether hand touch parts of erythema, if this phenomenon, then formaldehyde and other toxic substances exceeded; if the skin feel itchy at, then the toxic and hazardous substances can cause skin allergies, are not buy.

Furniture aspects of pollution control in the use of:

After the first release with samples or try to buy furniture exhibition hall, and other poisonous gases before release. Do not rush to buy new furniture into the room or use, the best conditions so that the furniture in the release of toxic gases for some time and then as soon as possible. Children's room furniture with particular attention.

Wardrobe with caution, try not to make underwear, pajamas and children's clothing on the inside when you buy a new wardrobe to use. Because formaldehyde is an allergen, when free from the fibers to the skin of the amount of formaldehyde exceeds a certain limit, it gives rise to contact dermatitis.

Purification degradation, new furniture, consumers can choose to buy plants and other effective measures to purify the material culture and absorption of harmful gases, reducing the release of harmful gases furniture harm to human health.

Hope for those worried about the use of office furniture products contaminated with friends refer, of course, correct and effective as office furniture company dispose of contaminated furniture is a must, but the use of contaminated later you still want to be aware of.