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Solid wood furniture maintenance Tips

Solid wood furniture for its strong and solid, simple and practical choice for many buyers love. Wood office furniture has unique penetration and absorption, it is easy to change as the ambient temperature variation is generated on the material. In fact, you want office furniture and preserve bright, long-term use, the usual cleaning and maintenance work is essential.

   First, note the location of the office furnishings

   Solid wood furniture should avoid placing near the dehumidifier, as well as exposure to the sun's place, long exposure to the sun will make the surface of the paint solid wood furniture and its own color.

   Second, avoid the liquid surface often left furniture

   If you are buying solid wood furniture surface without special treatment, so long resident water, alcohol and other liquid make office furniture leave white marks. Therefore, when the surface of the liquid retention of office furniture, it must wipe clean immediately. Maintaining solid wood furniture drying is necessary.

   Third, regular cleaning and maintenance of office furniture

   Whether you are buying solid wood furniture should take oil or waxing maintenance mode, in the purchase of wood office furniture, must ask the merchant clear. If you are using the waxing and maintenance of furniture, in the purchase of wax, the best choice for a high concentration of solid wax, it can fill small defects of office furniture. In addition, spray wax is a good choice. But do not use both together, otherwise it will make the surface of the furniture a blur, no longer bright.

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